Thornton Neighbourhood Plan

Your opportunity to create a vision of how YOUR local area should grow and what it should look like.


This home page sets out the current state of play concerning the development of the Thornton Neighbourhood Plan. It provides details about: 

  • Background work – facts and figures about Thornton, ideas raised by the community about changes it wants to see, some ideas about the nature of change and what the area could be like in years to come.
  • Options – details the potential routes to achieving physical change in the area as well as how you can have your say about these.
  • Community engagement – details what the community have said so far and lists stakeholders.
  • Neighbourhood Forum – details those involved in managing the plan, minutes from previous Forum meetings, letter from the City Council confirming plan area/forum as required by regulations, constitution and draft work programme.
  • Contacts and Resourcesprovides details of key contacts, as well as old maps and photos of the area that may be of interest.
  • Draft Plan – this contains a vision for Thornton and planning policies governing where development should occur and sites be protected as well as suggested projects, in achieving this.

Should you want to get more involved in the TNP then please contact Hull City Council on 01482 300300. Contact details are supplied here

Special events will be held within the area in considering the plan so please watch for details.